Zealous Criminal Defense Lawyers In Dubuque

Facing any criminal charge will impact many aspects of your life. Concerns about potential jail or prison time can be overwhelming. The lawyers at Boffeli & Spannagel, P.C., with offices in Dubuque and Maquoketa, Iowa, are determined to provide quality and comprehensive criminal defense representation.

We Are Here To Protect Your Rights With Thorough Representation

Criminal DefenseWe evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution's case and analyze the police procedures used to gather evidence. We also listen to your side of the story to help uncover evidence and circumstances that may have been overlooked. It is common for us to interview witnesses, take depositions, and obtain video evidence.

Our lawyers are prepared to advocate for your best interests and fight to protect your future across the spectrum of criminal charges in Dubuque and Jackson counties, including:

  • Violent crimes, including domestic abuse
  • Weapons offenses
  • Drug charges, whether based on illegal drugs or prescription medication violations
  • Drunk driving charges, also referred to as OWI/DUI or DWI offenses
  • Shoplifting, theft crimes and other property offenses

Arrange Your Confidential Consultation To Learn How We Can Help

Anyone can make a mistake or be caught up in adverse circumstances that lead to criminal charges. We are not here to judge you, but to serve as your advocate in court. For a free, confidential consultation with a criminal defense attorney, send us an email now or call 563-231-9615.