Holding Pet Owners And Their Insurers Accountable

If you or your child was attacked by someone else's dog, you don't need to be shy about seeking compensation. Animal owners who do not take reasonable precautions can be held responsible for any resulting bodily injury and often have homeowners' insurance available.

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Negligent Animal Owners Are Responsible For Injuries

The law in Iowa holds dog owners responsible when their negligence allows one of their animals to attack and injure someone. Tools like fences and leashes, along with obedience training, can reduce the chances of an attack. Unfortunately, many people fail to grasp their responsibilities as a dog owner. You or your child may not be able to defend yourself against a large, powerful dog or other pet.

Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers For Dog Bite Victims

Our attorneys are experienced in personal injury law. Every day, we work to provide comprehensive representation to our clients. We will use our distinguished legal skills to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. Insurance companies often try to resist paying a fair amount for victims' medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. As your lawyers, we are always prepared to go to court to reach a satisfying level of compensation.

Legal Help For Child Victims

Because of their size and inexperience with aggressive dogs, children are among the most common victims of dog bite attacks. Sadly, young victims frequently suffer scars and other serious injuries. As the parent of a child injured by someone's pet, you could be entitled to full compensation for injuries suffered by your son or daughter.

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